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CEP, Inc. awarded Healthcare Exchange Navigator Grant
Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (CEP, Inc.) has been awarded $285,035 by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services to help people enroll for health insurance through exchanges to be established under the Affordable Healthcare Act. The project will serve uninsured and underinsured individuals in addition to small businesses in 27 counties in Northwest and Western Wisconsin. Exchange Navigator services will be provided at 21 Wisconsin Job Centers with outreach provided at libraries, senior centers, and college campuses. Informational sessions will also be held to insurance consumers and small businesses via Interactive Television (ITV) sites in Wisconsin. CEP, Inc. will be partnering with the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, Inc., West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, Inc., Workforce Resource Inc., Western Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, Inc., and Workforce Connections Inc. on delivering these services. For more information, please contact Brad Gingras, CEP, Inc. Chief Operating Officer, or Marcia Pratt, Project Manager, at 715-682-9141.

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